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Atlanta Mens Synagogue Softball League

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League Rules
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 Code of Conduct

All players in the Atlanta Men's Synagogue Softball league must understand, acknowledge and agree to this Code of Conduct as part of the agreement to participate in this league:
  • This is a gentlemen’s recreational league for and about gentlemen. The highest standard of sportsmanship, brotherhood, and goodwill are to be displayed at all times. Tempers are to be restrained, and foul language will not be tolerated by the umpires or the league.
  • The players in this league expect to be physically able to go to work on Monday morning without injury from illegal contact. Most players play with their “guard down” knowing that such contact is prohibited. There is no “bowling over” the opposing players by runners on plays at the plate or on the bases. Runners are expected to avoid the tag, slide or be tagged out.
  • There shall be no phantom decoy tags (without the ball) which force a player to slide unnecessarily when there is no play. Neither shall there be any yelling by runners at the fielders or from players in the dugout in an attempt to distract the fielders.
  • We play most games with only one umpire, and they do the best they can. Calls will be missed at times. Any verbal abuse of any umpire that results in ejection carries with it automatic suspension of the next scheduled game and possible additional team and/or individual penalties.
Violators of this Code of Conduct are subject to review by the league’s Board of Directors with penalties to be decided solely at the discretion of the Board.

 Rainout Information

We are pleased to use our text based communication system again this year. All important league alerts, including rainout information will be communicated using TextConnect.


In order to receive Alerts from the league, simply send the keyword: AMSSL to 72727 if you haven't received a text from the league yet. The system is designed to be a way for the league to communicate with players and captains; it is not intended for typical text conversations.


  Twitter - Rainout Information and Other Updates
  Banned Bats List